12. October 2016.

Hiding of informers

Human rights have been violated for years to persons who have been imprisoned and persecuted by Administration of national security (UDBA) in ex Yougoslavia and abroad, but they still do not have the right to know

3. March 2016.

Communism will end with Lustration

Without the Lustration Law many questions remain unanswered. There will be doubts, whispers, public secrets and slanders. But people who were imprisoned will never know the truth about who betrayed them

1. October 2015.

Models of Lustration in Post Communist Countries

Only last year 5000 people in Germany requested insight into secret files on them. So, 25 years later, people are still seeking access to the files, which indicates the necessity of The Lustration

6. May 2014.
croatski indijanci


This paper deals with the first Croatians, members of the Dubrovnik fleet serving under the command of the Spanish navy, who set foot on the American soil. There are exact data and sources in Croatian and foreign archives,